1. Plug in the unit, press ON/OFF button to start.
  2. To select a pre-set program, just press the corresponding button and press start/pause to start the program. To pre heat the airfryer, press the button of your chosen preset before pressing preheat.
  3. To manually adjust the temperature and time press    to switch between temperature and time, and use the +/- buttons to adjust.
  4. Press the start/pause    button to start or stop cooking.
  5. Unplug the unit after use.


Select and press your preferred function and press the preheat button. Select your wanted temperature by pressing +/- buttons, and press start. When the wanted temperature has been reached, the reminder will alert you with 5 beeps, and “Add” “Food” shows on the display.

Remark: Preheat function need to go with another menu function.


After selecting a preset or preferred time and degree, press start button to get started. When the cooking operation is finished, the airfryer alert you with 5 beeps. The display shows “done”, and the unit will go into sleep mode if you don’t take any more actions.


The shake reminder will alert you with 5 beeps, and “turn” “Food” will blink on the display. The alert will stop when you take the pan out.

The shake reminder is programmed to alert halfway through the cooking when set on manual, and 2/3 of the total cooking time of the presets.

When the cooking time is less than 3 minutes, the alert will not go off.


With the pre-set function you can set a delayed start. After choosing a function, you can press the pre-set button  and set a delayed start up to 24 hours, use the +/- buttons to adjust to your preferred time.

Remark: You need to select a function before pressing the pre-set button.