• Problem

    Possible reasons


    The fryer does not start

    The airfryer is not plugged in.

    The pan and basket is not fully inserted.

    Plug in the power cord.

    Make sure the pan and basket is correctly assembled and inserted in the main unit.

    The ingredients are not cooked properly

    The basket is too full.

    The temperature is too low

    Use smaller batches of ingredients in the basket to fry them evenly

    Increase the temperature

    The ingredients are fried unevenly

    You did not flip or shake the ingredients halfway

    Ingredients that lie across each other need to be shaken or turned halfway through.

    The food is not crispy

    The airfryer did not preheat

    The type of ingredients is meant for frying in oil

    Preheat airfryer 3-5 minutes.

    Try to brush or spray oil onto the ingredients before airfrying.

    White smoke is coming out of the fryer

    You are preparing greasy ingredients.

    With greasy food, oil can leak into the pan. Oil makes the makes the white smoke, but it will not affect the appliance or the end result.


    Open circuit of temperature sensor

    Contact customer service


    Short circuit of temperature sensor

    Contact customer service


    Fan failure, high temperature protection

    Contact customer service


    The temperature exceeds the set range, and the machine protects itself

    If its not starting again, contact customer service

    The first use gives off un unpleasant odour

    This is normal during the first times you are using the airfryer

    Dry heat the airfryer for 10 minutes before using it the first time

    The airfryer stops or will not heat up

    If no alarms or error codes appear, check that the plug is plugged in correctly

    Make sure the power cord is plugged in. If it’s still not working, contact customer service