Bell waffle iron test winner

Bell waffle iron test winner

We are proud that our waffle iron has once again won the overall test of waffle irons.

- Waffle iron in a league of its own

No one could knock Wilfa off the throne of the best waffle iron in the current overall test of simple waffle irons. The Bell waffle iron is still the best in the test.

In the large overall test, the waffle irons were assessed according to three criteria: they must have a simple hotplate, have a temperature control and bake traditional "Scandinavian" waffles.

The large waffle irons from Wilfa are described as being in a league of their own compared to the other waffle irons in the test and the only ones they can recommend without reservation.

- Bell continues to compete only with itself

The Bell waffle iron remains the test winner in 2023. highlights several positive features of the waffle iron, such as a working ready indicator, large waffles, air gaps and that it cooks well, evenly and crispy.

The other podium places were also taken by Wilfa waffle irons. Bell's predecessor model, the WAS-623 Bell, remained in second place in the test. Wilfa's Hearts 23 waffle iron retains third place in the test, with the sharpest light display in the test and a satisfactory thermostat control.

If you want large waffles that are crispy and evenly baked, a waffle iron from Wilfa is the right choice.

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